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We wait for an “aha” moment.

We wait to be certain.

We wait for a sign from the “universe”

We wait.

What we forget whilst WE are waiting that the universe is waiting for us.

To make a decision.

We forget that we ARE the universe.
And that every cell in our body is vibrating to the rhythm of our thoughts.
And that the vibration of our cells sends out little signals into the “universe” which draws to us experiences and situations in harmony with what we are ASKING for.

And so if we wait for certainty, the universe waits for us to certain.

There is just waiting.

I ask myself a lot- will I ever be certain?

I look at nature.

Nature is not certain.

In fact, it’s far from it.

It’s wild and unapologetically free.

And we ARE nature.

Every atom in our body is fuelled by the same mysterious force that drives the patterns of nature.


And whilst nature is seemingly chaotic

There is always some guiding force.

A leaf doesn’t just blow, it follows the wind

And a sunflower looks to the sun

In the same way, our body, a force of nature, moves and guides us


When our body gives us a YES to a thought, an idea or a situation

That’s certaintly

That’s our “sign”

And after that initial YES it’s up to you to make that idea a reality

And doubt might kick in

And then you might find yourself sitting there asking for an answer

Or another “sign”

When the sign was there to begin with

You just need to make the choice; to make the commitment

To create the discipline and take action

To say to the universe “yes, that’s what I want”

And to follow through

Because if you’re not saying yes, you’re saying no

And the universe cant give you certainty unless you decide you’re certain


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