Are you on the ascension bandwagon yet?

Or perhaps you’re wondering what the eff I am talking about?

I’m not talking about the ascension of Jesus Christ’s body into heaven (although this definitely relates to what I am talking about). When I talk about ascension, I am talking about the evolution of consciousness that is currently taking place.

Yeah, it’s planetary stuff and yeah, some of you will tune out the minute I say that. Because astrology is a load of shit. It aint science, you’ll say. And of course, your logical mind only does science, none of the rainbows and fairies mystical hippy bullshit. And I totally get that- I too am a nerd. But I have also had many magical, mystical experiences that I cannot explain or justify… But that doesn’t mean they CAN’T be deducted to logic… I just don’t have the means to… and even if I did, it still would never be 100% accurate or conclusive.

Well, try having an astrological debate with Pythagoras, one of the greatest mathematicians of all time (and equally, a great astrologer) who knew that mathematics and astrology were not separate because number rules the universe”.

Astrology is actually one of THE most scientific of the ancient systems… It bridges the spiritual and the scientific world, teaching us how we can understand our inner experience/consciousness as being a microcosm of the macro… “as within, so without” as Hermes inscribed on the Emerald Tablet.

…But perhaps you’ll stand strong in your stance, because you have only read the newspapers and you are making a judgement based upon western astrology’s “sun sign” readings… which are a little degrading to the true ancient traditional teachings of astrology.

Anyway, time to put my cynicism about cynicism aside. I was talking about ascension…

Ascension– the rising of Christ consciousness, aka the rise of divine consciousness in response to what is happening on the planet in response to Earth’s current cosmic cycle within the universe.

Ascension is not astrology, no… but it relates to the experiences that we are all having within our minds and bodies as a response to the rapid changes that are being facilitated on the Earth in response to it’s current cycle within the solar system.

And yes, you are connected to the Earth.

In fact, the very belief that you are separate and that everything within you is 100% in your control is a giant fucking illusion. Zoom in on your body (and zoom in a little more) and you are a whole bunch of cells vibrating in space. In fact, there is no distinct line between you and the space around you. What creates this vibration? Energy. Electromagnetic energy. The same energy that pulsates in everything that exists. And you are in constant reaction with the energy of that around you. There is a force of gravity that pulls you up and an equal but opposite energy that keeps you grounded down on the Earth. And these energies influence what is happening within your body.

Now, what does that have to do with ascension?

Well, currently, we are living in a time that was predicted by great enlightened masters and sages as being the age of the light, or the golden age… it has many names but that’s not the point. The point is, we are living in an era of great change, individually, collectively and on the planet.

Yes, natural disasters are becoming more frequent.

And yes, this is being facilitated by something far greater than global warming.

It relates to a bigger cycle that is happening, with the Earth entering what’s called the “photon belt” encircling the Pleidian star system. If you don’t know what this all means, I recommend you look it up. I’m not going to get into too much detail, but basically in a nutshell, the photon belt is a belt of photon particles (makes sense, right?). A photon particle results from the collision of an anti-electron or positron with an electron. These collisions cause the charges of the particles to cancel each other out and the resultant mass is converted into energy in the form of photons. So, in a nutshell, Earth has entered a part of the universe where the energy frequency is much greater. And this is creating all kinds of changes on the Earth…

+ An alteration in weather patterns… (perhaps you have noticed the seasons aren’t what they used to be)

+ More natural disasters

+ Added stress on the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the formation of ozone holes

+ Increased solar flare activity from the sun (a sudden, rapid increase in energy emitted from the sun)


+ changes within the Earths electromagnetic field, or schumman frequency, amongst many more…

Now, perhaps you have heard of the Schumman frequency, or the Schumman resonance? Or perhaps you haven’t…Well, let me explain it a little… remember how I was talking before about how we are made up of electromagnetic frequency? Well, everything is, including the Earth and the Schumman resonance is the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency, named after physicist Winifried Schumann who discovered it in 1952. It is essentially the Earth’s heartbeat. Well, for a very long time, this frequency sat around 7.83 Hz with only slight variations. But in June 2014, that all changed. A Russian space observing system showed a sudden peak in activity to around 8.5Hz. And only recently, it has reached an all time high of 36+ Hz.

Yep, a little hectic.

But if you aint a physics nerd like me, you might be wondering what this all means? What is the significance the significance of this to YOU?

Well, because you are made up of energy, all of these changes are affecting what is happening to you on an energetic level. And given that your physical body is a gross manifestation of this energy, it’s also affecting what is happening within your body.

Common symptoms of this ascension process resulting from the change in energy that we are experiencing within our body in response to the change in universal energy includes (but aint limited to)…

+ Emotional turmoil (emotion is simply energy in motion so as the Earth shifts in frequency, so do our cells and with it, energy needs to move through us and so we feel this as emotional turbulence)

+ Ringing in our ears as we become attuned to higher frequencies

+ Dizziness, vertigo, light headedness

+ Difficulty breathing

+ Issues with balance

+ If you have any physical issues already, these can be exacerbated as your energy starts to vibrate more intensely, highlighting the sensations that are already present within the body

+ Extreme fatigue during periods of adjustment

+ Less sleep

+ The ability to see auras or to connect with spirits (the attunement to more subtle, higher frequency energies)


Working in a hospital environment, I see SO many people come in with ascension symptoms, constantly.

And so many beings are passing away at this point, choosing to leave because to be real, it can be really fucking difficult making the transitions. It can be really dark and with the emotional turmoil associated with the changes, really hard… particularly for those that are not willing to be vulnerable enough to shed the emotion… because where you don’t allow it to move through you, it stays within you and causes stress within the body and the mind. Some days I literally run to the bathroom to cry as I can feel the energy moving through me. And being clairsentient (having an enhanced capacity to feel energy), I feel it strongly in people that aren’t letting it out.

So, what to do in this big old ascension game?

  • Express and release emotion so that you can continue to keep your mind and body clear of emotional debrit (because when that shit is pushed down, it creates mental, emotional and physical stress)
  • Now that the schumman frequency has risen, to has the movement of our cells and it is becoming MORE important that we move our bodies to match that frequency
  • Drink lots of water as this increases your life force energy
  • Spend lots of time in nature, as this best mimics our true nature and is balancing for the body, mind and spirit
  • Eat light, nutrient rich foods.
  • LAUGH (laughter is life force energy)… but from the belly… not a shitty fake laughter
  • Have compassion for yourself and the process you are going through… and have compassion for the fact that others are feeling it and going through sh** themselves
  • LOVE…. And do what you LOVE. This is the ultimate way to find peace within yourself.

I hope that all makes sense? It’s not an easy topic to write about without seeming a little airy fairy.


For guidance and support, I offer online spiritual mentoring and energy clearing/healing sessions. This can be really powerful ways to bring you back into balance if you are shifting through energies that are unfamiliar to you or that are having a negative effect on your mind or body. To book, head to

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