I have really enjoyed the cacao ceremonies I participated in this year guided by Goddess Sigourney. She beautifully balances a soulful connection to the earth and the plant medicine while creating a powerful platform to drop into meditation to reflect, let go and manifest. I find cacao a gentle way to create space in my being to connect to the things that matter, and simply enjoy a peaceful meditation and process surrounded by heart based souls.

Thanks Sig… I will continue to dance in and out of your offerings…

My Coach Wendy Geraldton WA.

My story of Sigourney helping me heal!

I took my first Yin Yoga lesson with Sig a while back and it in turn has had such a profound impact on my life.

Previously to trying her class I suffered two miscarriages, I felt my body had let me down and I was depressed and defeated..

I had tried Chinese Medicine, supplements, taking time out from work, everything.

Enter Yin Yoga..

Coming to that one class, learning to relax (also falling in love with DōTERRA oils) have had such an amazing effect on me.

The part that really got to me was the oracle card I was given after the class.. my card was miracle!!

After the class I sat in my car and cried!! I knew that this was my sign!!

The very next week I took a test, I was pregnant (again), but this time I had such an amazing warm feeling that this one was sticking around and, well here I am 19 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby in my belly.

I just wanted to share my experience and to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sigourney for setting me on the path my heart and mind needed!

Louise Collard

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